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Our marine fish system consists of 50 sales and 12 quarantine aquariums and has a total capacity of over 3500 gallons. At any one time we have between 100 & 150 different species in stock. See below for our current stock list. This generally includes a huge range of species from hardy fish like Clowns to the more delicate Angels & Butterfly's, and we are always on the look out for 'something different' that you may not see in other shops. Although we do not stock species that we feel are not suited to captivity, either because they grow too large, or have a poor survival rate. Most marine fish are hand picked from TMC by ourselves and then rested in our on site quarantine area for at least 7 days prior to sale. They are all fed three times a day on Gamma frozen foods and Vitalis marine flake, by our full time staff, many of which keep marines at home. We are confident enough of the quality of our marine fish to offer a 7 day written guarantee.
All our marine fish sales aquariums are illuminated by TMC Aquabeam Ultima 600's.
Only fish currently in stock are shown, please contact us prior to travelling.
Stock levels change quickly, but are updated daily around 6:15pm.
In addition to the fish shown above, we have the following species in stock on 8/8/17:-
Blackburns Butterfly 7cm £55
Blue Fin Angel 8cm £39.75
DJ Clown 6cm £59.75
Golden Hawk 8cm £95
Green Face Wrasse 7cm £42.50
Halichoeres cosmetus
Hawaiian Pyjama Wrasse 5cm £69.75
Hybrid Powder Blue 8cm £69.50
Lei Trigger 8cm £75
Marshall Island Wrasse 15cm £95
Orange Spot Wrasse 6cm £25
Sweeper £69.75 ea. 4 for £235
Red Breasted Hog 15cm £65
Tank Bred Flame Angel 3cm £165
Yellow Leaf Fish 6cm £39.75

Marine fish and invertebrates can be very sensitive to changes in water conditions. Do not be offended if we ask about the conditions in your aquarium. It is not a good idea to put sensitive animals into unknown conditions. A sudden change in water quality can distress or even kill new additions. We do not want this to happen and we’re sure you don’t either.

We are happy to test your water free of charge to ensure that it is of an acceptable quality prior to purchasing marine fish.