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Below are links for many of the brands we stock, as well as some our staff visit frequently. These links are external, therefore we have no control over their content.
Up and coming Polish company producing a wide range of innovative equipment and aquariums.
API (Aquarium Pharmaceuticals)
Manufacturer of Stress Coat, Stress Zyme and many other well know aquarium products.


Manufacturers of aquarium lighting equipment.
Producers of high quality fish food.
Manufacturers of high tech acrylic bowls and aquariums.

D&D The Aquarium Solution Ltd
Suppliers of Deltec equipment, Rowaphos, Giesmann lighting and other high end equipment.  

Gives information for the industry for legal movement of fish.
Manufacturers of high quality filters, media and other aquarium related equipment.
The WaterZoo has its own facebook page.
Frequently used by ourselves gives details on over 30,000 species of fish.
Manufacturers of a wide range of aquatic products, under the brand names Fluval, Marina and Nutrafin.
Produce a wide range aquarium related products
Manufacturers of pond foods and remedies.


Manufacturers of high quality pond pumps and filtration systems.
The UK body that protects the interests of those involved in the aquatic trade.
Innovative foods for freshwater and marine fish.
Practical Fishkeeping Magazine
Britain's best selling fishkeeping Magazine, with a very useful website, with lots of tools and calculators.
Red Sea
Manufacturer of the Red Sea Max range of aquariums, Reef care program, and marine additives and equipment.


Manufacturer of wide range of supplements
Manufacturers of foods & remedies.
Europe’s largest distributor of marine livestock. They also Manufacture & distribute many marine and planted aquarium products.
British manufacturers of treatments & additives for aquariums and ponds.