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At The WaterZoo we believe in providing our Customers with free no nonsense advice. We produce over 15 regularly updated guides helping resolve common problems and making the hobby easier to understand. These can be picked up free in store, or you can download them here. All our guides are written by Jason Scott, a contributor to Practical Fishkeeping magazine, who has 30 years experience in the retail aquatic trade.
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Acclimtising new introductions
How to introduce new fish with the minimum of stress.

Thinking of Dory
Basic guide on what needed to keep Dory the Regal Tang
Freshwater Shrimps
Information on setting up the aquarium and general care of freshwater crustaceans.
How to create the right conditions for successful growth.

Installing a pond liner
This brief guide covers planning, digging and filling 

Introduction to fish keeping
Want to keep fish, but dont know where to start? This guide explains the choices.

Introduction to marines
Basic information regarding equipment required, water chemistry, etc.
Guidance on preventative maintenance required to keep your aquarium healthy. 
How to move an established aquarium and its contents. 
New Tank Syndrome
What it is and how to prevent it. Essential reading for new fishkeepers. 
How to control the accumulation of nitrate in aquariums. 
The causes and methods of control for nuisance algae in freshwater aquariums.  
Suggested preventative maintenance throughout the year. 
Where, and where not to place an aquarium.